Hyundai Lockout and Key Replacement Services

Hyundai door handleAre you looking for an affordable locksmith available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who can replace your broken or lost key to your Hyundai? Then you best call Opalock-a-locksmith on (888) 884-1958.

We at Opalock-a-locksmith are experts in the field of key replacement services for Hyundai vehicles. We are a nationwide company with excellent prices and highly rated locksmiths who are ready to help you out today!

Locksmith Services Provided for Hyundai Vehicles

Our nationwide locksmith team are filled with years of experience in replacing lost or damaged Hyundai keys. The specific locksmith services we provide for Hyundai vehicles are as follows:

Whether you have the newest Hyundai vehicle which utilizes a higher security key, or you own a 1992 Hyundai Excel, our experts can assist you in the specialist services listed above for the full spectrum of Hyundai keys on the market.

Opalock-a-locksmith Lockout Services

Locking yourself out of your car is a very common problem for people across the United States. Whether you have accidentally locked your keys in the car, or lost your keys and are unable to gain access to your car, you will require a new key service.  

We only use professional locksmith tools to open car doors, including professional locksmith air wedges and probs and prods.  Our lockout services guarantees opening your car door will be a painless experience and will be completed quickly and without damage.

The two main key services that Opalock-a-locksmith can assist you with are highlighted in this article.

New Hyundai Key Services

Whether your Hyundai key has been lost, stolen, or broken, our expert locksmiths have access to the latest equipment to successfully cut a new key for you in minutes. There is a range of Hyundai keys used for different models, for example, sidewinder, laser, or classic keys.

If your Hyundai key has broken and you have a spare one, our locksmiths can use a specialist machine to decode the existing key. Once fully decoded, a new key can be cut which will have the exact same spacing between each individual cut of the existing one. This will ensure the new key will be perfectly functional in your Hyundai.

If the key has been lost or stolen and you do not have a spare, then do not worry. Our locksmiths will use the make, model, and the vehicles VIN to cut a new key for you. If we don't have the vehicle VIN or you want to save the $30-$40 it costs to obtain the VIN code, we can decode your key from your locks. We use specialist methods to help determine 80% of the cuts in each key. The remaining 20% will then be found using a premium subscription service which Opalock-a-locksmith are signed up to. This will allow our locksmiths to cut you a new key for your Hyundai vehicle with 100% accuracy, even when we do not have your one to work from or your VIN number.

Your local locksmith will have access to a manual key cutting machine, but they will not have the latest laser cutting key machines, software, databases, and up-to-date equipment required to fully replicate your Hyundai key. Opalock-a-locksmith does, so please call us now on (888) 884-1958.    

Programming Hyundai Transponder Keys

Hyundai models made after 1998 will require the programming of the transponder chip inside the key fob, as well as a new key being cut. Both of these are required to make sure your new Hyundai key will work in your car.

Following a new key being cut or a broken key fob, the transponder chip will need to be programmed. Opalock-a-locksmith has specialist equipment to carry out this programming. We use a pro pad to connect to the vehicles OBD connection. Our locksmiths will then input the relevant information into the pro pad (make, model, and year of production). Once the information has been inputted, we can place your key in the ignition. This is the most accurate way of programming the chip and will allow you to get back on the road in your Hyundai in no time.

Please be aware that DIY programming may be carried out on older Hyundai models. However, the smallest mistake can drastically hinder the process and cause further unwanted expenditure to get the mistake fixed, like rendering your new blank key useless. DIY programming cannot be carried out with newer Hyundai transponder and remote car keys (key fobs, smart keys or push to start keys) as these are the latest generation of security car keys. They require additional equipment to complete the process. Opalock-a-locksmith has these on every vehicle across the US. 

Hyundai Models Serviced by Opalock-a-locksmith

Hyundai start technologyAn example of the Hyundai models that our nationwide team service are as follows:

  • Accent
  • Atlas
  • Atos
  • Elantra
  • Equus
  • Excel
  • Ionic
  • Kona
  • Tucson
  • Xcent, and many more.

Please call us today to check that we can provide our excellent service to your specific Hyundai vehicle.

Fast, Reliable and Affordable Locksmiths

Opalock-a-locksmith aims to assist you as soon as possible to help you get back on the road. Our reliable service is available to you 24/7, whether that is early on a Sunday morning, or during the late rush hour on a weekday, we are here to help. Our customer service team are one phone call away, and they will send out one of our expert locksmiths who are located across all US states. All you need to do is call us on (888) 884-1958.

We also provide a highly affordable key replacement service, providing you with better deals than your Hyundai dealership. Please take the time to request our free quotation, you will not be disappointed.

Always remember, Opalock-a-locksmith are experts in the key replacement services for Hyundai vehicles, and we are also experts in car lockouts.  Call us now!

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