24/7 Car Lockout Service Near Me

Did you accidentally lock your keys inside the car? Faulty lock mechanism stopping you from entering your vehicle? Our emergency lockout services can help!

car lockoutOur team of locksmith experts specializes in all types of vehicles and all known brands and models. We can restore your access to your old standard-lock SUV or brand new electronic-lock sports car with the same level of professionalism, on the spot. We travel with all the necessary tools on us and we can rapidly pick any lock without causing any damage to the car or lock itself. Call now and let us send over our nearest mobile locksmith. We can reach you in 30 minutes or less!

No matter if it is a lost or stolen key, broken lock or accidental car lockout incident that is preventing you from entering your car, you need expert help. Any DIY attempt to get inside your car without proper training, experience or tools will most likely result in more damage to your car. Why risk the extra hassle and expense when you could rely on our experienced services and rich expertise in the field? Do not add more to the stress of a lockout and let the pros handle it for you! We charge some of the most affordable emergency lockout prices and service fees in the industry and we guarantee your satisfaction every time.

The Most Popular Car Lockout Services We Are Asked To Do:

  • Locked key car lockout

  • Lost or stolen key lockout

  • Broken lock lockouts

  • Faulty transponder key lockouts

  • Keys locked in the trunk

  • Jammed keys inside the lock

Whether you are stuck on a dark and creepy country road in the middle of the night with the keys locked in the trunk or you cannot unlock your car in the office parking lot because you have lost your keys, we can come to your rescue in no time. Depending on traffic and weather conditions, we can reach you in less than half an hour and provide you with the emergency lock picking assistance you need. We are your go-to locksmith in case of lockouts, no matter where you are and what time it is.

Car Lockout Services For Locked Keys In Car

It happens to more drivers than you might imagine. It is easy to get distracted and leave the keys inside the ignition switch or on the front seat when you are about to step out of your vehicle. If this has happened to you and you need to get back into your car straight away, give us a call. We can come over and pick the locks on your car with the right tools and techniques. No matter how complex or simple your locks might be, we guarantee zero-damage and high accuracy every time.

Lockout Service Near Me For Jammed Keys

car lockoutKeys can get stuck inside the lock because of rust, debris accumulation, a faulty lock or a bent key. At times, a key can break inside the lock because of a forced attempt to remove it without the right tools. Whatever the case, we have a solution for each of these problems. We can safely remove any type of key from all models of locks with our expert tools and retrieve all the broken pieces as well. We can also fix a damaged lock that might have caused you to remain locked out of your car or replace any missing keys. No need to hire a towing service to take your car to the nearest car mechanic. We will quickly come to you and lend you a hand right then and there.

Missing Or Stolen Key Solutions

If your lockout is triggered by a misplaced or stolen key to your vehicle, give us a call straight away. Do not risk anyone using your key to steal your car. We can send over a nearby mobile technician who can come over and have your locks re-keyed so the old keys can be rendered useless. They will also give you a new set of keys so you can start using your car again in no time.

We can also replace a missing, stolen or broken transponder key. We have access to official databases for transponder keys for all brands of cars. We can program a new key for you and connect it to your car's electronic system on the spot.

24/7 Roadside Emergency Car Lockout Solutions

Lots of things could go wrong with your car locks or keys and a lockout could occur when you least expect it. We have trained mobile teams of emergency locksmiths who can reach any address in the US within 20 to 30 minutes from calling our customer support number. We are available on a nonstop basis, all-year-round and we can handle any type of lockout, no matter what might have caused it. We can fix broken locks on the spot, replace missing keys or reprogram transponder keys for you. Do not waste your precious time and energy trying to come up with solutions that could cause more harm than good and incur extra expenses. Give us a call and we can reach you fast - and the best of all, we promise you will not have to break your bank with us.

Affordable Car Lockout Near You

Give us a call, briefly describe your problem to use and ask for a free estimate or fill in our online form and wait for our quick answer. We offer comprehensive, zero-obligation estimates that won't cost you a thing. You can also take a look at our price list to understand just how small our service fees and prices truly are.

Give us a call, schedule an appointment with us or let us dispatch the nearest mobile technician to the scene of your car lockout. They can reach you in less than 30 minutes! The Opalockalocksmith team is ready to cater to your every lockout need, no matter how complicated and urgent. We also handle other car lock and key services, so do not hesitate to contact us!


Our home was broken into and with the professional consultation by OpaLock-A-Locksmith we now have updated our locks. Combined with our new security alarm system, we finally have peace of mind. Keep up your great work and we will be sure to use your services in the future!
Margaret R.
With my company recently needing locks changed at our offices, our decision to call OpaLock-A-Locksmith proved to be a good one. We were most impressed with the promptness, quality of workmanship, courtesy and general all around good service that your company provided us.  We will not hesitate to use your company for future locksmith needs.
Mitchell J.