Commercial Intercom System

Intercom installed by Opa Locka LocksmithIf you are looking for advanced visitor screening and access methods for your commercial establishment, get in touch with us at (888) 884-1958. We can schedule an appointment with you and provide you with top commercial intercom installation services at affordable prices.

Commercial Intercom System Services We Provide

    • commercial intercom system installation

    • voice, video, wired and wireless intercom systems

    • commercial intercom system repairs

    • maintenance for intercom systems

    • master and sub-system services

    • site assessment

    • custom system configuration

Each of the systems we can install for you come with added features that bring more convenience, including break bell alerts, LED message board text messages, emergency notification features, wireless sirens, and top local phone system interfaces. Make your pick out of an impressive array of styles, sizes, and functions, depending on the complexity of your business needs. We are your go-to installation service for multi-tenant intercom systems as well as intercoms that can be fully integrated into your office security systems, so give us a call now and let us assist you. 

Professional Intercom System Installation Services

A commercial intercom system consists of a series of different components. We can install leading video and audio intercom systems, wireless or wired gate intercoms, construction elevator lift intercoms, warehouse intercom systems, gas pump intercoms, wireless security intercoms, two-way radio intercoms and more. Whether you are interested in big brands like Unitone or Murs or you are looking for systems that are completely integrated with access control systems for added protection, we are your go-to team. We have worked with the most popular intercom systems and brands on the planet and we know the complexity of an intercom depends on the layout of your commercial space, as well as the area you need to cover. We can help you make the best choice and install, service and maintain your system for you. Installation is not easy as it requires advanced skills and our experienced locksmiths have the right know-how for it. 

Why work with Opalock-a-Locksmith?

Because of our serious commitment to the highest quality standards and unparalleled customer support. The high levels of customer satisfaction our business continues to record speak loud volumes about the type of work we do. Our authorized commercial locksmiths specialize in the installation of a rich array of intercom systems on the market. We can fit a standard single-line door buzzer panel for you or provide you with a complex communication hub that relies on wireless technologies and advanced video and audio solutions. No matter if you are looking for a wired or a wireless system, all the systems we can install for you are made of sturdy materials that can successfully withstand tough outdoor conditions specific to the nature of the environments they are used in (including governmental buildings and high-security areas). A commercial intercom system is also usually made of stainless steel and most of these wireless devices have ranges spreading across several miles, with the option of expanding this range with the help of antennas. If you are managing a building with access gates and monitoring doors that can run wires through them, the wired intercom solutions we can provide you with will match your exact needs. 

We can closely oversee the installation process from start to finish and provide you with the most comprehensive intercom services in the industry. We can thoroughly assess the site for you, make the best recommendations depending on your budget and needs, install the intercom and provide you with the necessary documentation for it. No matter if you need a new intercom system installed in a library, restaurant, school, hotel or shopping center, we will make sure to offer you the protection your building needs with the help of top-notch systems working 24 hours a day.

During the site assessment, we will establish what is the best location for mounting the main station and how many separate stations you will need. We will determine this by assessing the building blueprints, followed by the careful configuration of the local wiring as well as all the electric outlets necessary in the process.

Once the first assessment step is complete, we will further provide you with a detailed diagram of the planned newly installed intercom system along with all the system settings options.

Voice Intercom Installation

Intercom installed by Opa Locka LocksmithA voice intercom system is excellent for a large commercial space as it can be used as a top inter-communication device between different rooms and floors. It is also extremely easy to use and it is an affordable security solution. Give us a call and let us know what your options are and book an appointment with us today. For example, the LEF-C Master Sentry system provides both audio and video features and it relies on intermix masters and sub-station that can create the planned type of communication. Such a system also comes with door release options on up to ten call masters, as well as all call buttons on all masters. The best intercom devices come with voice volume controls for enhanced convenience. 

Construction Elevator Intercom Systems

The system is suitable for a building with 6 stories or less and it consists of a series of license-free frequencies. The antennas should not be placed higher than 60 feet. This callbox uses three standard D batteries, which eliminates the risk of frayed wires and the need to cover the costs of replacing bad wiring. The kits are sold with one callbox for each of the 6 stores and the main elevator intercom. The system enables immediate communication in case of emergency, so the risks connected to a broken elevator can be significantly lowered. Construction delays that are normally tied to poor quality communication can also be avoided. The intercom can also be used on a different elevator shaft as your work progresses. This elevator intercom is also weatherproof and extremely sturdy thanks to the gasket sealing and it can sound a low battery alarm that will let you know when it is time to change the batteries. 

Front Gate Intercom Systems

If your commercial space has a driveway gate that prevents visitors from getting in unless they have been authorized to do so, an intercom system will allow you to choose between several different technologies to simplify the process:

  • a WIFi intercom that can be used with a smartphone app and also allow video imagery so you can see the person asking for permission to enter the premises. 
  • a system that relies on 900Mhz frequencies so you can enjoy two-way communication with your guests. These systems usually feature a certain range limitation, usually around 4000 feet.
  • a system that uses cell phone networking and charges monthly fees. The system is simple and it consists of a phone circuit board placed in a metal housing. Guests will press a button and the system will automatically call the phone number that has been programmed into the system. All you need to use this system is a good cell phone service at the gate.
  • systems that rely on two-way radio frequencies (VHF or UHF), similar to walkie talkies that require you to push a button to communicate and release the button to listen to your guests.

We can also provide you with installation services for multi-use radio services that do not need an FCC license to be used. For more information on the front gate intercom system installation services we offer, give us a call now. 

Wireless Intercom System Installation

If you do not wish to have any holes drilled in the walls or ceiling, opt for a wireless intercom system and enjoy a safe radio link and encryption solution between different units. This means you will also benefit from more confidentiality and security, which is critical for commercial clients like governmental bodies or hospitals. The 3 Call Master System kit, for example, is made of a master intercom and a power supply that can communicate with a total of three indoor and outdoor substations. To monitor the area around a substation, you will need to press the corresponding button on the Master. While the substations are unable to communicate with one another, the master stations can use 12 conductor wires between different master stations.

Affordable Commercial Intercom System Service Prices

We can provide you with free estimates, site assessment, and system configuration solutions, as well as the most affordable intercom system installation and repair services in town. Our mobile commercial locksmiths are available 24/7 in all states and areas to cover any intercom emergency.

Call now and let us assist you with your simple or complex intercom system installation needs today!

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