Car Key Extraction Services

Car Key Extraction by Opa Locka LocksmithOur expert car locksmith services cover the entire array of jammed or broken car key problems on all models of vehicles. Give us a call now and let on our mobile car locksmiths assist you with any urgent key removal issue that needs an immediate fix. We can reach any address in less than half an hour nationwide. Call (888) 884-1958 now!

Common car key extraction services we offer:

  • jammed car key extraction from ignition

  • stuck key extraction from lock

  • lubrication services for jammed locks and keys

  • car key replacement services for broken keys

  • 24/7 roadside emergency services

Broken Car Key Extraction From Jammed Lock And Ignition 

The complexity of the key extraction process depends on the state of the key and the type of lock it has remained stuck inside. As a rule of thumb, when a key remains stuck in the ignition, you should only work with an authorized locksmith service to keep the risk of damage to a minimum. 

If the key is broken inside the cylinder of the lock or the ignition, it will usually break where the shaft reaches the head of the key. Our locksmiths use professional key extractor toolsets and kits that can ensure the fastest and most efficient results. 

One of the most popular stuck or broken key extractor sets used by our locksmiths is the interchangeable extractor set comprised of a number of different extractor tools, including extractor saws and spiral blades of different diameters for different types of ignition cylinders and locks. The key extractor tool is placed into the lock with the intention of grabbing the stuck or damaged key and pull it out. Prior to this step, the keyway will be lubricated for smoother extraction, as well as to make sure there is no extra damage done to the lock's mechanism.

Our experienced locksmiths will carefully assess the size of the broken key pieces that are still inside the cylinder by measuring the piece that has been removed. We are familiar with the standard sizes of the keys corresponding to all vehicle makes and models, so this is a fairly simple process for us. This step of the process is critical to avoid pushing the remaining parts further back into the keyway and we urge you to only let one of our experts handle it for you. With the help of advanced extractor tools, we will grab the key's bitting and twist it out using the normal motion of the extractor tool. These broken key extractor kits also come with extractor pliers as well as hemostats. To properly use a key extractor kit, we will need to first gain access to a similar key that can be partially fit into the ignition or lock. If you do not have a copy key on you, we will use one of our blanks.  

Next, the spiral extractor will be slowly inserted into the keyway in order to reach an area in the immediate proximity of the broken piece. This step should be done with extreme caution to ensure that the broken key piece is not accidentally pushed further back. When the spiral extractors will touch the broken key, we will slowly twist each of these extractors using a clockwise motion. Once this step will be completed, the key that has been used as a guide will be pulled out and the extractors will start to wound one around another and be finally pulled back. As a result, the broken key piece will be taken out smoothly. 

It is also possible for our locksmiths to use the hemostat and the extractor pliers to remove the remaining parts of a broken key from a lock provided the shaft has been partially removed from the lock. It all depends on the exact scenario you are dealing with and our experienced lock technicians are the most suitable people to decide the best course of action at the scene. 

Stuck Key Extraction Services

We can also rely on a lubricant and a jigsaw blade to remove a broken or jammed key from a lock or ignition cylinder. Our technicians will first use the lubricant on the lock, then insert the jigsaw blade into the cylinder, reach the end, then turn the blade in the direction of the key and catch at least one of the teeth. Next, they will gently pull the blade out of the cylinder and proceed to remove the broken key. A pair of pliers will help them catch the small end of the broken key and completely remove the key from the lock.

Our locksmiths can also make use of other types of key extraction tools to safely complete the process and make sure there is no damage done to the car, lock and other parts of the vehicle. Do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call our friendly and experienced customer support number to ask for help. We can immediately send over the nearest mobile locksmith who can reach you in less than half an hour, no matter what your address or GPS location might be.

Keyway Cleanup For Jammed Key Extraction

Car Key Extraction by Opa Locka LocksmithOur insured and skilled car locksmiths also perform full lock keyway checkups and make sure to completely eliminate any traces of dirt, dust, debris that might be preventing the key from sliding in or turning into the lock. Compressed air might be blocking the stuck key fragment, leading to a jamming problem. If you are dealing with a stuck key in the ignition switch, our technicians will make sure to avoid using any damaging chemicals inside the cylinder. These could easily lead to more problems and damage, so it is critical to only work with experts who know exactly what they are doing.

Another problem that could arise refers to accidentally pulling part of the wires inside the ignition once the key handle will be removed. An expert mobile car locksmith will know what kind of pressure to use when removing the key so this does not become a problem. At times, it may be necessary to grip the broken parts of the key between the wires by twisting the wires in order to ensure a firm grip on the key fragment. It is also possible to bend the ends in a downward position in order for the locksmith to have a larger key surface to grasp. Our experts know exactly what they are doing, so do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Key Replacement Services After Key Extraction

We strongly recommend never to drive a car with broken pieces of key in the keyway or to try to hot-wire your vehicle because a broken piece of key is blocking the keyway. Broken or jammed key extraction is simple when done by one of our pros and it is followed by immediate car key replacement. This means you will be given a new spare key so you can get back behind the wheel in no time. 

With unrestricted access to industry key codes and VIN numbers for all makes and models of cars, including unlimited access to the official transponder key databases for hundreds of car brands, we can instantly provide you with a copy of your keys or brand new keys in case the locks need to be replaced or re-keyed.

Let us know exactly what you need help with and we will assist you with the entire array of broken and stuck key removal services for locks and ignitions, no matter what brand and model you are driving. We can reach you in less than half an hour and immediately restore your access to your car. Fast, simple and affordable! Call now!


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