Car Key Duplication

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Helpful Things To Know When Looking For Replacement Car Keys

Car key replacement servicesOne of the first things you should start with is writing down your car's unique Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This is a number made of 17 digits and it is valid for vehicles manufactured after 1981. Find this number on the dashboard on the driver's side. Simply look through the window or check out the engine block or the rear wheel for it. It is also possible to find the number inside the car's trunk or right on the door jam. Some models will have the VIN written down on the space between the windshield washers and the carburetor. For faster access to this number, you can simply take a look at the vehicle's insurance information, as the VIN is printed on the top left-hand corner of the pages.

Once you have found the VIN and written it down, you will need to move on to the exact brand, make and model for your car. No matter if you plan on personally purchasing a new set of keys for your car or you wish to hire an expert car key replacement locksmith for it, you will also need to make use of this information.

Hire Expert Car Key Replacement Locksmiths

This should be your first and only option when it comes to key duplication services, given the sensitive nature of these keys and their uniqueness. The Opalock-a-Locksmith team specializes in rekeying services at affordable prices and top quality. We charge around half the price that a regular car dealership would charge you for a new set of copy keys. If you are planning on using a hardware store to get your fresh car keys cut, you might want to reconsider. Most of these shops are not equipped with the necessary tools needed to cut all types of car keys. Our expert car locksmiths are well trained and experienced and they work with the most advanced key cutting tools, complex machinery, and software. No matter how old a car model you might own, we can assist you with a copy key on the spot.

Use Professional Key Fob Making Services

The more complex or sophisticated your car key fob, the more you are going to need the help of a professional locksmith. Our locksmiths can assist you with all the steps of making a new key fob from scratch. We can provide you with a new key fob and have it programmed for you, fix it and make sure you are going to benefit from high levels of security. Our car key replacement technicians possess the right know-how and security industry insight specific to experts in the field.

We also specialize in accurately removing old keys that are lost or broken from the vehicle's computer.  We can reach you at the address or destination of your choice and provide you with top assistance 24 hours a day.

Some car models and brands come with key fobs that are more difficult to program. While the actual key fob is not that difficult to come across, the programming job will make all the difference. Some people prefer to reprogram their key fobs on their own. They usually rely on the step-by-step instructions they can find in the car's manual for it. A blank remote will be required.  If you are trying to use a key fob that has previously belonged to another car, you will not be able to reprogram it for your car.

Please note that many cars need expert key fob reprogramming equipment that our authorized locksmiths use. Save yourself the trouble and frustration of not being able to program a blank fob on your own and call us right away to get the job done hassle-free.

Electronic Cat Key Copies

Key replacement services Start by verifying if your car insurance policy covers car key replacement. Your car warranty could also cover this expense. Keep in mind that a modern-day, high-end car model may only require the manufacturer itself to handle the electronic key replacement.

For the rest of the electronic keys, you will most likely be able to rely on our mobile car locksmiths who specialize in electronic keys that can be programmed. The majority of the car keys feature microchips that stop them from being duplicated. We can provide you with new transponder keys that will correctly communicate with your car and let you start using your car straight away, no delays. We can also reprogram your broken transponder keys and even cut and program aftermarket replacement car keys for you. This is a more affordable solution that will save you from spending a small fortune on a car dealership key.

If you solely need to program a new key for your vehicle, our expert car locksmiths will assist you immediately.

Broken Electric Key Services

A faulty electric key can either benefit from expert key duplication services, battery replacement or reprogramming. We recommend you to let the key rest for a little while before you try to use it again. Sometimes, high temperatures or moisture could affect the function of the key and prevent it from working normally.  By simply unscrewing the Philips screw found at the back of the key fob, the old battery can be removed and the new one can be easily fitted. Also, changing the battery on your car could cause the keys to stop working temporarily and a reset may be required. Plus, a dying car battery could also be the culprit for a faulty key fob.   

If this does not work, you could try to reset all of your car keys.  The exact instructions for this can be found in the car's manual. If you no longer have the manual or you simply do not have the time or the skills to reset the keys on your own, we can assist you on the spot. 

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