Chrysler Key Replacement and Lockout Services

Chrysler Locksmith servicesIf you are looking for an emergency automotive locksmith to help you gain entry back into your Chrysler vehicle, Opalock-a-locksmith have you covered. Our expert locksmiths are located across all areas within the United States, and we are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call our excellent customer service team on (888) 884-1958 today.


Locksmith Service for Chrysler Vehicles

Our team of locksmiths has years of experience in the automotive locksmith field. We provide the highest quality of work, to help you get back on the road in no time. We pride ourselves on being able to service all Chrysler vehicles, so if you own one of the following – Chrysler 200, 300, Crossfire, PT Cruiser, Sebring, Voyager, then we can help. If your model is not listed above, please get in touch with our customer service team and inquire about it.

As a professional automotive locksmith company, we offer a wide range of services:

If you are unsure of which service you require, we will highlight a number of the services we provide in more detail below.


Chrysler Lockout Services

A car lockout can happen at a moment’s notice. If you fall victim to this unfortunate event, our professional locksmiths are ready to get you back into your car.

Lockouts can happen when your key has been lost or stolen and even if you have accidentally locked your keys in the car itself. Opalock-a-locksmith use a range of techniques and professional equipment to gain access to the car. Depending on the model of your Chrysler, we will use air wedges, probs or prods to open the car. All of our locksmiths have expertise in this area and will decide on the correct course of action to open your car door and get into the car quickly and without causing any damage to it.

Many people think they can do this themselves, but if excessive force is used, this could result in further damage to your car from dents to scratches in your paintwork. This will create further unnecessary expenses, so we recommend you getting in touch with us to help you as soon as possible.


New Chrysler Key Production

Requiring a new key to be cut is a common occurrence throughout the US. Whether you have broken your key, or it has been lost or stolen, Opalock-a-locksmith can create a new key for you in minutes.

If you have broken the key, our expert locksmiths have access to equipment that can decode the existing one. The new key will have the exact same cuts and spacing between them as your old broken key had, allowing the key to be functional in your Chrysler vehicle. Onboard all of our vehicles, we have access to the latest laser key cutting technology. This will be a necessity for any new keys cut for Chrysler models that were manufactured after 2010.

Opalock-a-locksmith can also produce a new key for you even if we do not have access to the original one (if your key has been lost or stolen). The quickest method for this is to use the cars make, model, and VIN. We would be able to cut a new key for you in minutes. However, if you do not have access to the VIN and want to save the $30-$40 it would cost to obtain it, we can carry out another method to cut the key. This will require us to decode the new key from the locks on your car. We use a professional tool that helps us to distinguish 80% of the cuts on the original key. The remaining 20% can be found in a database that Opalock-a-locksmith subscribes to. This allows us to create a replicate of the original.


Programming of Chrysler Keys

Chrysler Locksmith servicesIf your Chrysler was manufactured after 1998, the transponder chip inside your new key fob will need to be programmed.

Our locksmiths can carry out this process with ease, thanks to the specialist equipment onboard every vehicle across the US. The equipment used is called a car key programming device. This connects to the vehicles OBD connection. The locksmith will need to enter the make, model and year of production of the vehicle so that the device knows which vehicle we are working with. Once the information has been inputted, we will then place the key in the ignition and the transponder chip will be programmed. The new key will then be ready to use.

DIY programming can be attempted on Chrysler vehicles, but we would highly recommend not trying this. If you make a mistake during the process, it will render the new key completely useless and cause you to spend even more money on fixing the problem. If you call Opalock-a-locksmith today, we can guarantee that this procedure will be carried out correctly and professionally. 


Chrysler Key Extraction

Another service that Opalock-a-locksmith provides, is the extraction of broken or jammed keys from the vehicle's locks or ignition at great prices.

Broken or jammed car keys can happen due to a number of reasons, including damaged actuators, faulty locks, dirt accumulation or even rust. When our locksmith arrives on-site, they will quickly deduce the problem and get to start working on the extraction. Using a variety of professional key extractor toolsets, we will quickly remove the broken or jammed key. 

All of the services we provide are common problems throughout the US. Please do not try any methods yourself when attempting to get back into your car, we do not want you to suffer extra expense because something went wrong. We are ready and happy to help you in your time of need, so please call us now.

Our excellent customer service team is ready to take your call today. All you need to do is call us on (888) 884-1958!

Our home was broken into and with the professional consultation by OpaLock-A-Locksmith we now have updated our locks. Combined with our new security alarm system, we finally have peace of mind. Keep up your great work and we will be sure to use your services in the future!
Margaret R.
With my company recently needing locks changed at our offices, our decision to call OpaLock-A-Locksmith proved to be a good one. We were most impressed with the promptness, quality of workmanship, courtesy and general all around good service that your company provided us.  We will not hesitate to use your company for future locksmith needs.
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