GMC Lockout And Key Replacement Services

GMC locksmith services from OPA Lock A LocksmithDo you need emergency GMC lockout help on the side of the road? Are you looking for someone to cut and program a new key fob? Is your ignition switch showing signs of wear? Call Opalock-a-Locksmith now at (877) 738-8308!

We are licensed, authorized and experienced and we only work with insured and/or bonded technicians that specialize in the entire array of GMC car locksmith services. We work 24/7 and cover all US states. Call now and we can reach you in less than half an hour!

GMC Locksmith Services We Offer

We specialize in cutting and programming all models, part numbers and FCC Ids for key fobs that are fully compatible with your vehicle's old key. We also replace and fix broken remotes, ignition cylinders and door locks for all GMC vehicles. Our experienced technicians work with the best tools and the latest software that guarantee satisfying results and a zero-damage policy every time.

Here are a few of the most common GMC locksmith services we are called to handle:

  • car and trunk lockout

  • ignition repairs and replacement

  • key fob replacement

  • car key duplicates

  • lock installation and repairs

  • alarm systems

  • car security assessments

We handle all emergencies 24/7, including GMC lockouts and transponder key programming on the spot thanks to our mobile crews that travel in fully-equipped vans. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in the list above, feel free to call our customer support and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

GMC Transponder Key Fob Programming Services

We specialize in programming key fobs that are fully compatible with all GMC models, including remote key fobs for Yukon, Acadia or Terrain with original OEM remotes. Whether you are searching for a model that is compatible with FCC ID: OHT0106051135015145, 13501514, IC: 5461A-01060512 or a button flip key with a switch-blade that can replace part number 15913416, OUC60270 for Sierra or Yukon models, we are here to assist you. We cover key fob programming for GMC Acadia 2007-2016, as well as Yukon 2007 through 2014 models or GMC Yukon XL 1500/2500 2007 through 2012.

We provide sturdy zinc alloy remote keys that can withstand exposure to humidity, high temperatures, and the elements and can prevent rusting, fading and distortion issues. We have black and silver models that are suitable for business people, as well as other models suitable for sports vehicles.

Broken GMC Lock Repair Services

We cover all lock-related problems ranging from jammed or stuck car door locks, broken central locking systems, a faulty car boot lock or sticking locks and more. We can handle faulty connections between one or a few internal or external connections to the latch, normally when the lock has remained stuck in the lock position. It is also possible for the door handle, lock cylinder or the locking posts to be improperly connected to the latch. Our technicians can immediately fix these broken connections, which will normally lead to the immediately unlocking of the jammed door and the completion of further repairs to the lock assembly. We can also provide you with all the necessary replacement parts, when necessary, along with additional ways of assembling the locking mechanisms.

Our technicians also handle buildup cleaning and repairs for locks that have their internal mechanism stuck because of dirt, rust, and debris. At times, because of the repetitive use, some small parts can break inside the lock and cause it to get jammed. Any failed attempt to use a foreign object to fix or unlock a stuck door could lead to the respective item getting placed in the keyway in the wrong way. Our experts will first try to insert a key into the keyway and determine the level of blockage they are dealing with. Keep in mind when the lock has remained stuck in the locked position, the problem is even more complex and should always be handled by an authorized locksmith service. They will open the door panel, move the assembly using expert tools and procedures, including lubrication. Removing any traces of dirt and grime is another solution here.

Our 24/7 GMC locksmiths are also trained to fix structural lock damage caused by fender benders or some more serious car crashes. Even a door that is slammed too hard could lead to this problem. A professional car locksmith will have no problem finding the best way to unlock the door without causing any more damage. Most forms of structural lock and latch damage usually require partial or complete replacement services. We can assist you with the entire array of solutions at affordable prices.

GMC models we service:

  • GMC Savana

  • GMC Yukon

  • GMC Acadia

  • GMC Terrain

  • GMC Canyon

  • GMC Sierra

  • GMC Forward

  • GMC Sonoma

    24/7 GMC Emergency Services

    GMC truck locksmith services from OPA Lock A LocksmithWhether it is a jammed lock or a missing key problem stopping you from accessing or driving your vehicle, our 24/7 emergency crews can reach you in less than half an hour and assist you on the spot. We only work with advanced lock picking, diagnostic and replacement or repair tools and we are available all year long.

    Affordable GMC Locksmith Prices

    If you need an expert car locksmith for GMC that can safely remove a jammed or broken key from the ignition at a fraction of the price your dealership would charge, the Opalock-a-Locksmith team is just what you need. We offer free, zero-obligation and fully comprehensive price estimates and the most competitive prices in town.

    Call (877) 738-8308 now and let us inspect your ignition switch and recommend the best solutions, pick your locks, program your new key fobs or provide you with the best-broken actuator services in town.


    About GMC

    The General Motors Company currently belongs to the American giant General Motors and its primary focus is to manufacture utility vehicles and trucks, as well as buses, commercial and pickup vehicles and sport utility cars sold all across the planet. In the US, North American GMC dealerships usually share their space with Buick dealers, which means buyers can find trucks and upscale vehicles there simultaneously. We provide specialized locksmith services for both brands and our GMC technicians are prepared to cover all models, no matter how old or new.

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