Honda Lockout and Key Replacement Services

Honda start button - OPA Lock A LocksmithSearching for advanced Honda car locksmith services at affordable prices? Do you need transponder key cutting and programming on the spot? Call (877) 738-8308! We are fully authorized and experienced and we are ready to cover all Honda lock, key, ignition and alarm system problems on the spot.

Popular Honda Car Locksmith Services

We specialize in the entire array of Honda lock, key, alarm and ignition services for all models, including:

  • 24/7 car and truck lock picking

  • ignition repairs and replacements

  • lock installation and lock repairs

  • key fob replacement

  • key cutting and programming

  • security assessments

Give our friendly customer support team a call today and let us answer any additional questions you may have. We aim to make our services as affordable, reliable, quick and easy to access as possible. Our mobile teams cover all states and areas and we can reach any GPS location in 20 to 30 minutes from placing a call. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in the list above, we would be more than happy to provide you with more information online or by phone.

Honda Key Fob Replacement Services

Key fob replacement is one of the most common services we are hired to do. We can assist you with any model, part number and FCC ID you may need for your exact Honda model or one that is fully compatible with it. If you are looking for a STAUBER Honda Key Shell Replacement for models like Civic, Accord or Ridgeline or you are searching by serial smart key number and you need a replacement key for CR-V – KR55WK49308 or N5F-A05TAA, or you need a FCC ID:KR5V1X with Part Number: 72147-TK8-A61 or 72147TK8A61 compatible with 14 15 16 17 Honda Odyssey that features power back gate, we can help. Our technicians will use an old chip and key and advanced key bitting information and special software to have the new key accurately cut and programmed for you.

We also handle broken out case repairs and damaged key blades and modules. The operation should not take more than a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the key fob that you need replacement. Keep in mind that different Honda models from different years come with separate keys and transponder chips that feature unique designs. They are also usually located in different positions inside the key and there are also models that have both the chip and the fob placed inside a single piece. This is the case fo the Honda Pilot model in 2011. If you are dealing with a damaged key case, we will easily remove the module with the transponder inside and do the same with the metal blade and use an advanced kit that will guarantee your new key will work well.

Our authorized and mobile Honda car locksmiths also handle button control replacement services for all models. We can use old keys to have the button control reprogrammed, then have the button and chip inside replaced and handle any other type of car starting issues that may be caused by some additional security issues.

Honda Car Lock Picking Services

Car key chain Honda Civic - OPA Lock A LocksmithWe own and use the most advanced car lock picking tools for any Honda model, no matter how old or new. We work with the most advanced single pin picks, which are some of the most versatile tools and part of any expert car locksmith's toolset. These tools are useful for moving all the individual components inside a lock, with hooks being some of the most popular solutions for moving sliders and wafers. Vehicles that rely on pin tumbler systems can also be handled with the help of hooks.

If you need help with picking a disk detainer lock with rotating parts, we are going to use specialized disk detainer picks. We also have the alternative of decoder tools for this operation.

With the help of our expert decoders, we will quickly pick the locks on your car and immediately come across the correct bitting of the car's key. If you are dealing with a faulty key code issue, our experts will proceed to decode the lock. At times, because of missing internet service that will prevent you from accessing your computer software, broken equipment or recently replaced lock cylinders with outdated information, we may need to use the analog alternative.

Honda car models we service:

  •  City

  • Brio

  • CRV

  • Amaze

  • Accord

  • Avancier

  • Elysion

  • Civic

  • Ballade

  • BR-V

    Emergency Honda Car Locksmith Services

    We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long, holidays and weekends included. We can reach the scene of any lockout, jammed ignition or broken key emergency in less than half an hour, no matter where you may be and assist you on the spot. Our friendly customer support will answer all your questions and clear all concerns and immediately send over the nearest Honda mobile locksmith to you. 

    Affordable Honda Locksmith Prices

    We specialize in all Honda lockout, lock replacement and rekeying, car key copy or key fob programming services for all new and old models. We offer free, transparent, comprehensive and no-obligation price estimates by phone and the most competitive car locksmiths prices in town.

    Call (877) 738-8308 now and schedule an appointment with us or let us send over the nearest Honda car lock expert to help you on the spot! 


    About Honda

    Known as the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world since 1959, Honda is also the first Japanese car company to release Acura, the first luxury vehicle brand more than three decades ago. Honda is a popular multinational conglomerate that was ranked the eighth largest car manufacturer on the planet in 2015. If you own Honda vehicle, make sure to get in touch with us for any lock and key emergency or replacement job you may need.

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