Volkswagen Car Key Replacement

VW Opal Lock a LocksmithIf you are looking for Volkswagen replacement keys for your VW Beetle, VR6, Jetta, Passat, GTI or Golf model, the Opalock-a-Locksmith team is here to assist you. We are fully trained and experienced and we have the right know-how, key-cutting machines, software and access to all the necessary specifications needed to replace all types of keys for your vehicle. Call (888) 884-1958 now and let us send over the nearest emergency 24-hour mobile locksmith or get a free quote and schedule an appointment with us today.

VW Key Services We Offer

We specialize in the entire array of VW lock and key services, ranging from simple car keys for older models, key fobs, remotes, sidewinder keys or transponder chips, including high-security keys for modern-day VW models. Here is what we can do for you:

VW Key Replacement Services

Depending on the particularities of the VW model you are driving, our locksmiths will have no problem replacing any type of car key from remotes to chip keys on the spot, in no more than a few minutes. We carry a rich variety of machines used for coding keys in our mobile 24-hour vans and this helps us save you precious time and money.

VW vehicles can feature one of three different security systems that are compatible with VW keys and fobs. A VW car that has been manufactured after the year 1995 uses transponder chips placed inside the keys. The chips are used to start the vehicle and they rely on individual calibrations. They also include tiny plastic and glass parts inside the plastic cover of the fob. There are older Volkswagen vehicles that use regular keys with zero central locking buttons on them as well as modern remote keys have transponder chips embedded in them.

This automatically means that getting a fresh key for your vehicle means more than having someone cut a metal key for you. Volkswagen's key replacement needs to cover a few essential steps that only a well-trained automotive locksmith with experience in the field can handle correctly. For starters, the metal part within the key needs to be cut to precision, using a laser key cutting machine and assessed to ensure it matches the doors and the ignition. Next, the transponder chip needs to be accurately calibrated to the vehicle to make sure it can get the engine to start. Finally, the remote fob must be fully integrated with the central locking system and ignition of your VW.

We strongly recommend always having a spare key which you can use in case of emergencies, for example with a key goes missing or is broken. Also, keep in mind a laser key has nothing to do with a Volkswagen sidewinder key that requires a special milling machine for cutting. Our locksmiths can either use an automatic tracking machine or a robotic programmable machine. Automatic machines rely on tracers that can use the original cut and replicate it on the new blade. The best machines are the ones that can cut the key with the help of code, aka programmable machines. The method is used whenever a locksmith has access to unique VIN each vehicle comes with. All original keys come with a unique code related to the sidewinder pattern. When out technicians will enter this code in the key-cutting machine, they will obtain a flawless match.

VW Key Programming Services

VW Opal Lock a LocksmithProgramming a Volkswagen key consists of two primary processes: programming the immobilizer and programming the wireless entry. If you are driving a VW vehicle that has been built pre-2000, it does not have an RFID chip in it, which means it requires no programming. Once we will finish cutting the key for you, you should have no problem getting the engine to start. For models built between 2000 and 2001, you are most likely looking at an immobilizer 3 type of system embedded into the dash cluster, as well as the Electronic Control Unit. Our locksmiths can also program an Immo 2 FDID chip for a vehicle with an Immobilizer 2 system.

If you are driving a VW vehicle built between 2002 and 2005, your VW is also using an Immobilizer 3 system located inside the ECU and your dashboard. Given the fact that Immo 3 RFID chips are read/write types of devices that can be solely written once, they require the hand of a professional. The RFID sensor ring located on the steering will send out a signal and write the necessary information onto the chip and have the vehicle store the chip's identity in the cluster. If you have an Immo 3 type of RFID chip, you will not be able to use it on another vehicle once it's programmed.

Volkswagen Immobilizer Programming Services

The Pin Number together with the VCDS is used to program immobilizer key using tools like a VagTacho immobilizer pin reader cable and software for VW New Beetle, Jetta or Golf build between 2000-2005 or 2010 and newer models. Keep in mind VagTacho is an excellent tool preferred by most locksmiths and the original tool is rather expensive. Lots of people, however, try to buy knock-offs and use them to program their own keys. However, these knock-offs usually come with software drivers that cannot be used and even spyware, so make sure you avoid downloading the online versions or buying cheaper ones as you will most likely end up with a new set of problems. Always rely on our expert locksmiths, as they only work with original software programming and original tools that guarantee a flawless and problem-free job every time.

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